Alternate Treatments

Alternative Treatments for Alzheimers Disease

There are many who are turning to alternative treatments for Alzheimers disease such as herbal remedies, special diets, vitamins or other all natural supplements. There are many who believe that these all natural approaches can help delay the progression of Alzheimers disease and related dementia. Also, many prefer to test out alternative treatments as they typically come with fewer side effects. Before beginning an alternative treatment, it is still recommended that you speak with a health care provider and keep in mind that very little scientific research has been done on the effectiveness of these alternative treatments.

Here are some of the most common alternative treatments used for Alzheimers patients for those who prefer to take these routes:

- Caprylic Acid, also known as Medical Food or Coconut Oil- Caprylic Acid is the active ingredient of Axona or medical food. This substance is used because Axona is thought to provide an alternative energy source for brain cells that have lost their ability to use sugar or glucose due to Alzheimers disease. It is believed that Axona can be used instead of glucose in the areas of the brain that have been damaged by Alzheimers. While some will use pure Caprylic Acid others will instead use coconut oil as a less expensive source of this acid.

- Coral Calcium- This supplement has been used by many as a way to battle Alzheimers disease and other types of cancers and serious illnesses. This calcium supplement is taken from the shells of living organisms found on coral reefs.

- Coenzyme Q10- This is an antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body and that is responsible for normal cell reactions. With a synthetic version of this compound, many believe that they can help the cells function in a more normal manner.

- Omega- 3 Fatty Acids- These fatty acids are often taken to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, but many also take them to reduce the risk of dementia and to help slow down cognitive decline in the brain, primarily due to the presence of DHA in these acids which is found in the membranes that surround the nerve cell. Many believe that the DHA will help protect the nerve cells during cognitive decline in Alzheimers disease.

- Phosphatidylserine- This is a type of fat or lipid that is found in the membranes surrounding nerve cells. Many will take this lipid to help prevent rapid nerve cell degeneration.

- Trmiprosate or Medical Food- This is a modified type of taurine and is an amino acid that is naturally found in seaweed. Since these amino acids help in the building of proteins this medical food has been taken by some to help treat or prevent the rapid progression of Alzheimers disease.

- Ginkgo Biloba- This is a plant extract that contains a number of compounds that can positively impact cells on the brain and the body and has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This extract is also though to protect the cell membranes and to regulate the functioning of neurotransmitters in the brain. Many will take ginkgo biloba to attempt to delay the progression of Alzheimers disease and to help improve cognitive function and memory in the brain.

- Huperzine A- This extract is actually a moss extract that has been used in traditional Chinese medical practices for centuries. This extract is designed to act in a similar way to cholinesterase inhibitors.


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