Alzheimers and Home Supervision

Home Supervision for Individuals with Dementia

Many times as dementia or Alzheimers disease progresses, an individuals ability to remain independent is often compromised. As the disease progresses, it becomes even more important for these individuals to get assistance when it comes to keeping the home safe and well supervised. Many times, the biggest challenge comes with determining whether or not the individual is able to maintain their complete independence and be alone. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to providing home supervision for individuals with dementia:

- Make sure that you have all of the important telephone numbers listed for this individual for when they are home alone. Make sure that these numbers are written out in a clear and easy to follow manner so they can easily get in touch with caregivers, friends, family members, and emergency services. - When you are leaving the home and leaving your loved one alone, make sure you provide them with reassurance. There are many individuals with dementia who can start to get anxious or fearful when they are left alone. - Have other friends and family members call in to speak to your loved one when they are home alone. - When an individual with dementia spends a great deal of time alone, it is often important that they have simple activities ready that can distract them, such as a movie, puzzle or a game. - Leave large and easy to read notes around the home to remind these individuals of things they may need to know or to provide them with questions to answers they may have. These notes can say Jane is coming home at 5PM or take medication at 2:00 PM or there are apples in the refrigerator. - Always make sure that the individual with dementia is outfitted with identification bracelets or other types of identification, in case they decide to wander off while they are home alone. - Alert neighbors of your loved one being home alone in case you are worried about their ability to function on their own. - If your loved one is no longer able to stay home alone then you may want to hire in home care or consider moving your loved one to an assisted living community where they will have more supervision.


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