Alzheimers Diagnosis

About Alzheimers Disease: Diagnosis

When it comes to getting an official Alzheimers diagnosis, it is important to remember that the only way to officially confirm a diagnosis is through an autopsy. With an autopsy, a confirmation can be made once the signature plaques and tangles in the brain tissue are discovered and diagnosed. This means that there are technically no living individuals with Alzheimers disease right now. However, there are ways to get a probable diagnosis of Alzheimers disease and as such, the treatment will be the same.

Fortunately, medical professionals are now able to diagnose Alzheimers disease with around 90 percent diagnosis and in most situations those who have a probable diagnosis are confirmed of having Alzheimers disease once an autopsy is performed. However, when certain signs and symptoms start to appear, a medical professional can diagnose probable Alzheimers disease through certain lab tests, taking a complete medical history, doing a physical exam, taking brain scans and more. There are also a number of progressive neuro-psychological tests that will assess language and problem solving skills as well as memory, attention, language skills and more. With these tests, a medical professional will be able to give a highly-accurate probable diagnosis and recommend a treatment program that can help slow down the progression of the disease.

It is important that any person exhibiting some of the warning signs of Alzheimers disease visit a professional for an accurate diagnosis. This is because there are other factors, aside from dementia and Alzheimers disease that can lead to memory problems and other similar cognitive issues. Medical problems such as vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues and other health issues can also cause memory issues that will need to be treated in a different manner that Alzheimers disease needs to be treated.

When it comes to Alzheimers disease, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the sooner the diagnosis is made, the better off the individual will be, even if the diagnosis is only a probable one. With an early diagnosis it can be easier to manage the symptoms of Alzheimers disease and to start planning for the future progression of this disease. This is why taking your loved one to see a professional as soon as possible is always a smart choice when you have noticed some of the warning signs of Alzheimers disease.


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