Alzheimers Risk Factors

Risk Factors of Alzheimers disease

While there is no one condition that causes Alzheimers disease, research has found that there are risk factors that can put individuals at risk for Alzheimers. Here are some of the main facts that increase the risk of Alzheimers in adults today.

Increasing Age

There is no bigger risk factor than age when it comes to Alzheimers disease. After age 65 the chances of getting Alzheimers disease doubles every five years. About half of adults who live to age 85 will develop Alzheimers disease. While there is little scientific evidence to explain why age is such a large factor in terms of Alzheimers onset, there is no denying that age is the number one risk factor for this illness.

Heart Health

There is evidence to suggest that heart issues such as heart or blood vessel damage can be linked to Alzheimers disease. In these situations, the issue is known as vascular dementia. Those who have issues with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease are at a greater risk for developing dementia.

Familial Ties

Individuals who have had immediate family members with Alzheimers disease are far more likely to develop issues with dementia. This is not only true due to genetic reasons but environmental factors and lifestyle choices as well.


There are two different known genes that are linked to Alzheimers disease. Risk genes will increase the likelihood of individuals developing Alzheimers disease, but they do not guarantee that an individual will get this condition.

Deterministic genes on the other hand, guarantee the development of severe dementia and Alzheimers. Those who have genes that guarantee an early onset of Alzheimers are diagnosed as having familial Alzheimers disease.


Recent studies have found a strong connection between head injuries and the likelihood of Alzheimers disease. When severe head trauma has occurred or repeated head traumas have taken place, an individual is at a greater risk for developing issues with dementia.


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