Alzheimer’s Strategies

Strategies for Handling Alzheimers Related Behavioral Problems

There are a number of behavioral problems that typically accompany Alzheimers disease and dementia and as a loved one or care giver of an individual with Alzheimers disease, it is important that you are aware of different strategies that may help head off these issues or help you handle these behavioral challenges more effectively.

  • Always plan ahead. Make sure you are thinking ahead for situations that could potentially result in behavioral problems.
  • Work on your communication techniques and keep in mind that simple, easy to follow one-step instructions are often best for those with Alzheimers disease. Always deliver instructions to the individual with dementia when trying to remedy their behavioral problems in a calm and assuring tone.
  • Always keep things simple to avoid behavioral outbursts and frustration, and try to keep things on the same routine whenever possible. This is often a great way to head off behavioral concerns when they do arise.
  • When trying to handle a behavioral issue, always talk in a calm and comforting tone, your goal should be to promote a sense of security and safety and to divert their attention away from the trigger for the behavioral issue.
  • Never try to argue with a person with dementia when trying to remedy their behavior, it will only make the situation worse. Instead try to divert their attention away from the negative stimulant and try to use positive reinforcements whenever possible.
  • Never try to be in complete control of the person or the situation when trying to remedy their negative behavior; instead give them some sense of control. This will keep the person with dementia calm.
  • Always remember that these behavioral problems are a result from the persons condition and that they are not a negative or personal attack on you. This can help prevent you from getting over emotional during the situation and elevating the severity of the problem.
  • Always use your common sense and remember if you are worried about a behavioral situation getting violent, you should always keep your own safety in mind find.
  • Try to stay positive or even try to keep a sense of humor about the situation. This can make something as difficult as dealing with an individual with dementia much easier to handle for everyone involved. When there is a positive energy surrounding the individual with dementia, it will be easier for them to overcome their behavioral challenges as well.


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