Statistics on Alzheimer’s

About Alzheimers Disease: Statistics

Thanks to advanced research on Alzheimers disease in the United States and the work of many programs designed to help raise awareness on Alzheimers disease, a number of statistics have been collected that can help paint a clearer picture of Alzheimers disease in America.

  • There is no definitive answer on what actually causes Alzheimers disease, although research has found a number of factors such as genetics that can increase an individuals risk for developing this condition.
  • In twenty five percent of Alzheimers cases, a family member is acting as the primary caregiver for the individual with dementia.
  • Currently, age is the biggest risk factor for developing Alzheimers disease. Although Alzheimers disease is not a normal part of the aging process, risk levels increase as a persons age advances.
  • The prevalence of Alzheimers disease doubles every five years after age 65.
  • It is estimated that over 5 million Americans have Alzheimers disease, with millions more with this condition across the globe.
  • Prospects for the future show that the number of people age 65 and older will double in the next 40 years, meaning the number of individuals with Alzheimers disease will also increase.
  • About 500,000 Americans younger than 65 have some type of dementia or early onset Alzheimers disease.


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